Friday Evening Encounter: 7 to 10 pm: Encounter with discussions, country presentations, dinner, music, fun and joy. A good frame for some moments of hospitality. Our kitchen is disposed all the time for every kind of culinary experiments to serve meals for the whole community. There's always time to debate contemporary topics, to listen, exchange and take part in discussions between students and invited guests. You're welcome every Friday from 6 pm onwards.

Sharing about life, faith, beliefs ...

Swimming lessons

Sport activities

Jeux de société/games for fun and brain

Lisel gardering for all who wish to plant and harvest

Lisel Human Rights campaign together with Amnesty International

Voluntary Service: You've decided to interrupt your studies to go abroad, but don't know where and how? Or you're interested in getting involved with disadvantaged people here in Luxembourg for maybe just one hour a week or abroad during your vacancies? LISEL offers you an orientation for all projects of voluntary service.




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