15 years celebration

This year our wonderful organization turns 15 years old!
For 15 years, a huge number of events, trips and hikes have been held.  
Volunteers from all over Europe came to us and brought in a piece of themselves, changing Lisel.

With a lot of experience and history behind our back, we decided to rethink everything and after a long internal work we present you a new lisel in the month of our anniversary.

Throughout June, we will hold interesting and memorable events related to the history of Lisel, in order to step with you into the new year of our organization.  

The time machine is activated.

On Open Churches Day, we pay tribute to the memory of our connection with the Catholic Church and we organise a tour of the churches, where each of you can see Luxembourg from the side of religion, as well as participate in small religious events.
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Traumschleife – the eastern part of Luxembourg.
Following the course of the river Syre, the path then leads up a slope along the impressive limestone rock formation Michelslay and suddenly comes across a vineyard in the middle of the forest! We continue through the narrow Kerbtal of the Schlammbach before we reach the Lelliger Plateau with its breathtaking views.
Where: in front of Luxembourg train station
When: 12th of June at 9:40 AM
Who: You are!

We are organising a marche gourmande where each of you can celebrate Lisel’s birthday with us.  An abundance of food, drinks and a friendly atmosphere will be provided.
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A memorable holiday trip to the city abroad for two days. You will find out the details soon.
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 You can find out more about each of the events in the post specific for the event.
 Enjoy life and celebrate with Lisel.