From church to church

LISEL-fest began on the fist of June and we would like to present you the first LISEL activity in this month. We will have every weekend something special with the occasion of 15 years of life surrounded by beautiful people and with a lot of memories. We gonna create even more in this special time!This Saturday Lisel team has prepared for you a tour of 5 churches in Luxembourg. During the visit we will discover the oldest church in the country, we will n^know more about religion and its symbols and the process will be accompanied by the priest and moments of prayers.We would love to offer you a bit of what religion means for Lisel and why it is important and in this way you will answer to some of your personal questions about it as well.

1. the day starts at 10:45 in the commune of Bertrange at Eglise Saints-Pierre-et-Paul where the priest will wait for us.
2. we come in the centre of the city to have a guided tour in the Notre-Dame Cathedral.
3. Eglise St. Michel, the oldest in Luxembourg, will be open for us at 15 just after our lunch – bring a picnic or help your self at the restaurants in the city.
4. after we walk all the way to Chapelle de Glacis
5. and after all we finish at Eglise St. Jean in Grund around 18 p.m.Bring your goos mood and happy thoughts with you and let yourself welcome the spirituality of the churches day with LISEL.

Where: meeting point Bertrange – Eglise Saint-Pierre-et-Paul
When: the 5th of June at 10:45
Who: you are!
Lisel is celebrating with you!