Marche gourmande

Dear people,

Lisel is celebrating 15 years this month! We are more than glad to invite you to a unique event called Walking Food. The name may surprise you, but it is not the food that will walk and on the other side we will be walking to taste the food from one location to the other in the city of Luxembourg. In total we have 5 tables in the 5 different places and on each table will be served food from all over the world.Cause Lisel is so international and a lot of students and not only love to come and spent their time with us, some of them and some of our friends offered to cook for this occasion. There will be plats with from coming from Africa to Asia and not forgetting some European dishes.The entire fest starts in Lisel office at 11 and after the first meal together, we will walk to the next point and from there so on. We will finish the process of Marche gourmande/Walking food around 5 in the afternoon.

We are so much looking forward to see you and celebrate all the beautiful years that we spent together.You can join us any time you like!You can check the entire schedule on our website – link to the flyer:
When: 19th of June from 11:00 to 17:00
Where: 5 Avenue Marie-Thérèse Luxembourg, Lisel office
Who: You are!
Lisel is celebrating with you!